RIO Revolution

Revolution Groups, Discipleship Director

RIO Revolution
Maryville, Tennessee, United States

Date Posted: 11/20/2017
Categories: Church Staff - Combo Positions - Discipleship Pastor - Small Group Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 1501 to 2000
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Overall Responsibility:  The Revolution Groups/Discipleship Director will provide leadership, oversight, and coordination of Revolution Groups and Discipleship within their designated Hub and will also manage day-to-day affairs for the Hub including all Revolution Groups related activities. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to all Revolution Groups by reinforcing the mission statement of the church and the vision of the pastor. This would be done by cultivating and maintaining a shepherding relationship with leaders, coaches, and captains.  
  • Design, develop, implement, and regularly communicate the vision, mission, and strategy for Revolution Groups.  
  • Provide spiritual covering for Hub, including all leaders and group members.
  • Lead efforts and build teams to recruit, train and release captains, coaches and Revolution Group leaders. 
  • Coordinate all efforts related to the annual Hub conference/event to insure success and promote Revolution Groups during the conference/event.
  • Provide clear direction and empower leaders, coaches and captains within Hub to perform ministry through Revolution Groups.
  • Serve as direct oversight for captains and remain in communication with them.
  • Support the leadership base within the Hub by being available by phone, email or personal meeting to offer guidance, counsel and direction for area of ministry.
  • Maintain the infrastructure within Hub. Regularly plan and facilitate meetings of captains (and coaches when possible) for the purpose of coaching, developing community and general communication. Oversee efforts for pre-semester, semester and post-semester meetings and evaluations.
  • Track and report defined statistics with efforts to monitor and manage the “health” of Hub- leadership base and group members by semester. 
  • Explore best practices and develop strategies for leader retention, leader recruitment and assimilation of those not yet involved in Revolution Groups.  
  • Assist with the development and implementation of Church wide strategy for the particular a Hub.
  • Locate, identify and develop leadership material for distribution to leaders. Regularly communicate with Revolution Groups on all efforts, activities and status within Hub.
  • Assist with pastoral care needs within Hub.  Work with Revolution Groups ministry team on necessary pastoral care issues. 
  • Full time employee working 38-40 hours per week.
  • Fulfill the requirements and faithfully perform the duties of “Revolution Groups Director” at RIO Revolution Church to the best your ability.



  • Oversee all administrative functions for Revolution Groups.
  • Participate in Revolution Group leadership trainings with follow-up interviews.
  • Coordinate interview and approval process for all new leaders within Revolutoin Groups.
  • Host a pre-launch captains/coaches meeting to review responsibilities, timeline/key dates and goals.
  • Coordinate the pairing of coaches with leaders. 
  • Coordinate all necessary follow-up with any leader not approved or trained to lead.
  • Ensure Revolution Group database is up to date with coach assignments.


Skills & Attributes:

  • Christ-like, servant attitude.
  • Passion for the Lord and people.
  • Devoted to the call of God and to the vision of the pastor of RIO Revolution.
  • Highly gifted at recruiting and placement of leadership.
  • Operate with a spirit of excellence.
  • Committed to the core values, purposes and the mission of RIO Revolution.
  • Committed and personally vested in the well-being and success of Life Groups at RIO Revolution.
  • Leader, team builder.


Experience Required / Physical Demands:

  • Proficient in Excel and Word. Must be willing to learn new programs as needed.
  • Leadership and administrative experience.
  • Must be energetic and able to stand or sit for lengths of time, as needed.
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