Church Employment Articles

  • 10 Ways to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers

    by RJ Thesman
    Working in a dream environment is a goal for most of us. But when the dream turns into a toxic nightmare, how do we climb out of bed every morning and make ourselves go to work? What are some practical tools we can use in the workforce? And what is the Christian’s responsibility when dealing with difficult co-workers? Here are 10 ways to deal with difficult co-workers.  1. Try to understand what's happening. The Native ...   Read More
  • How To: A Recipe for the Worst Interview Ever

    by Hannah Aloi & Shayna Heron
      Ingredients: 4 Cups Awkwardness 6 Tbsp Unpreparedness 4oz. Poor Presentation 1 8oz. Can Bad Attitude (drained)   Instructions: Combine all ingredients, mix well and serve at room temperature.     Interviewing is difficult. Especially if you are stuck in an endless loop of fruitless interviews. There’s nothing worse than walking out of an interview and feeling like somehow you let that job slip through your ...   Read More
  • Are You Ruled by Your Inbox? Here are 5 Ways to Get Free

    by Barry York
    Taking dominion over email can be one of the most frustrating tasks there is. Because email can flood our inbox and consume our time, people tend to respond in one of three ways. Get overwhelmed by it by allowing unanswered emails hang over them. Be consumed by trying to respond to everything immediately. Or simply ignore it, hoping it will go away. I've tried all three approaches! Yet because of the believer's duty to exercise stewardship over ...   Read More
  • 4 Signs You May Be Addicted to Busyness

    by Kelly Givens
    The year I lived just outside of Washington D.C. was one of the most stressful periods of my life. In large part it was due to the culture of the area—everyone was busy, all of the time. Seeing anyone outside of work required several weeks’ notice; no one had time for anything that wasn’t already on their calendar. I felt a lot of pressure to do as everyone else did and pack my week with activities. Doing so left little time for ...   Read More
  • 8 Tips For A Successful Phone Interview

    by Josh Lai, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    As the world becomes increasingly connected, so do methods of communication. While many organizations still conduct face-to-face interviews, many of them use phone interviews to screen out potential candidates before moving them forward to the final round of in-person interviews. There are also some companies that have completely foregone in-person interviews and have hired people after a phone call.   Here at Vanderbloemen, we conduct pre-interview ...   Read More
  • 5 Roadblocks of Good Leadership

    by Ron Edmondson
    I was in a hurry to get to a meeting across town and traffic was horrible. I decided to take a shortcut. I had been the new way only one other time, but remembered it well enough to believe it would be faster. I turned several streets to navigate through a subdivision, back on to a main road, and then through another subdivision. Just as I was about to get to the road I needed to be on the road was permanently closed to through traffic. It had apparently ...   Read More
  • The Most Respectable Sin in the Christian Community

    by David Murray
    Workaholism is probably the most respectable sin in the Christian community, and maybe especially among pastors. In this Harvard Business Review podcast (and transcript) Nancy Rothbard, a professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, “draws a distinction between workaholism and working long hours. She explains the health consequences of being addicted to your work. She also gives practical ...   Read More
  • 7 Tidbits of Advice For Young Pastors

    by Ron Edmondson
    I started in ministry much later in life. I was 38 when I began vocational ministry. The experience I gained in the business world has helped me greatly in ministry. One thing I love doing in ministry is investing in young pastors; especially those who may not have previous leadership experience- and are teachable. And, I’m encouraged by what I see in this generation of pastors entering church work. They want to learn and grow from ...   Read More
  • What It Means to Be a Follower at Work

    by Johny Garner
    Following God at Work Means Following… Your Boss? There’s a lot of talk about what makes a good leader. An Amazon search of “leadership books” revealed over 200,000 results. We hear so much about business, political, and inspirational leaders. When a failing business turns around and becomes successful, we attribute that success to a great plan executed by a heroic leader. Too much focus on leaders lets us forget that leaders ...   Read More
  • 7 Small Changes That Produce Huge Results

    by Ron Edmondson
    Sometimes the smallest changes reap the biggest results. Over the years I’ve come to realize I’ve often done things the wrong way. I’ve tried to make huge changes in my life only to quickly fail. I didn’t keep going. I stopped. Overwhelmed. I tried to change too much too soon. It didn’t work. What I have learned is that when small changes are repeated over time not only are they easier to implement, but they tend to ...   Read More