All Shores Wesleyan Church

Spring Lake, Michigan - United States

Denomination: Wesleyan
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Phone: 6164026139
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All Shores Wesleyan Church
Radically loving, growing together in Christ Radically loving – We seek to live out the words of Jesus – that people will know us by our love. This kind of love meets people where they are. As Christ followers we seek to remove the barriers people have to experiencing the grace of God. We desire to bring justice where there is suffering, hope where there is despair, truth where there are lies, and the Kingdom of Christ where people live in darkness. Growing together in Christ – We believe that grace is the catalyst to spiritual growth. The love of Jesus accepts people where they are and the Holy Spirit inspires them to become like Christ. We are all on a path towards maturity and devotion to Jesus and desire to grow as followers of Jesus in community with other believers, as He designed. We don’t just “go to church”; we are the Church.