Woodside Bible Church

Troy, Michigan - United States

Denomination: Bible Church
Church Size: 4001 to 5000
Phone: 248-879-8533
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Woodside Bible Church
Woodside Bible Church began as Big Beaver Baptist Church in 1955. After a few years, the church continued to grow with a new name, Troy Baptist Church, and several building projects. In 1991, Doug Schmidt was called as the pastor and arrived at a church of about 700 attendees. He brought fresh vision and the church began to grow once again. Doug also brought a renewed commitment to biblical teaching, and it was fitting that the name reflect that identity. So, in 2002, Woodside Bible Church was officially named to begin a new season as a church. In 2005, the church moved to the current property on Rochester Road. This relocation, along with an increased focus and intensity on reaching out, was a huge catalyst for the growth the church is still experiencing today. Woodside Bible Church began launching in multiple locations to reach the entire region, and currently has more than 10,000 gathering in 14 different locations each weekend. But although the church has experienced great growth and provision from God, we are in some ways, just getting started. Our current vision is to be gathering 15,000 people weekly in 2020, increasing the number of strategic international partnerships, and continuing to reach the next generation in increasing numbers. This is a great time to be a part of the Woodside story. They have an amazing history, a healthy staff, an invigorating culture, an unwavering mission, and a vision for a future of continued strength and impact. We look ahead with excitement and anticipation to see how God continues to grow His church. Our Purpose: We exist to glorify God by making disciples. Our Mission: Helping people Belong to Christ, Grow in Christ, and Reach the world for Christ. Our Strategy: We follow God's direction into communities, as He strengthens the Church by transforming lives through the Gospel. Our Vision: There are three areas that are at the core of our vision that will help us maximize our reach and impact of the Gospel here and around the world: 1. Churches - Revitalize, plant, expand and resource 2. Leaders - Develop leaders in the Church, our homes and communities 3. Outreach - Local and global