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Family Pastor/Next Gen Pastor

Calvary Lighthouse
Lakewood, New Jersey, United States

Date Posted: 01/08/2018
Categories: Children's Pastor - Family Pastor - Youth Pastor
Denominations: Assemblies of God
Church Size: 351 to 500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Position: Family/Next Gen Pastor (I’m not picky about titles)


Reports to: Lead Pastor


“Official” Position Description:

     The Family Pastor/Next Gen position exists to direct the spiritual growth of the children and youth of Calvary Lighthouse. This includes running a full children’s and youth program (birth through high school) for all Sunday and mid-week services or events, as well as developing an overall strategy for family ministry. The Family/Next Gen Pastor has a love for children and teens, but also a passion to partner with parents in the spiritual development of their families.

     The Family/Next Gen Pastor is responsible to identify, recruit, train, and develop volunteers in the family ministries areas, and to make sure the ministries are healthy and operate in a way that is consistent with the mission and guiding principles of the church.



  • Oversee all Children’s and Youth ministries birth through 12th grade
  • Identify, recruit, train, and develop teams and leaders in each ministry area.
  • Proactively communicate with parents and equip them with practical resources for the spiritual growth of their children/youth.
  • Ensure that the family ministry is healthy and operating in a way that is consistent with the mission and guiding principles of Calvary Lighthouse.
  • Manage child dedication requests, providing proper pastoral guidance through an approval process
  • Provide Biblical counseling, prayer and ministry to people as needed.
  • Serve as an active member of the church congregation by attending services, small groups, and church events.
  • Attend staff meetings, retreats, and other church functions, as directed.
  • Other duties as necessary. (I staff based on skills, not title.)
  • Maintain a disciplined life of worship, Bible reading, prayer, fasting, tithing and giving.
  • The Family/Next Gen Pastor is an exempt position and responsibilities will be performed in approximately 45-50 hours per week. This will include a mix of normal business hours, church services, department meetings, and staff meetings

Preferred Skills:

  • Bachelor degree, preferably in a ministry related field
  • Detail oriented, with an understanding of the big picture
  • Strong communication abilities in writing, on the phone and face-to-face
  • Positive, patient, friendly and professional attitude and demeanor
  • Strong team builder and recruiter
  • Trustworthy and confidential, able to anticipate needs without oversight, focus on the tasks at hand and efficient follow-through
  • Strong sense of responsibility prioritization based on importance and urgency
  • 3 years of experience in a ministry position (Preferred)
  • Credentialed or pursuing credentials with the Assemblies of God


  • Salary based on experience/education
  • Health insurance
  • Tuition to Calvary Academy
  • Moving expenses

“Unofficial” Position Description:

     I'm not really looking for a children's/youth pastor. I'm looking for someone that can raise the levels of those two areas but be "my" person to help reset the culture of the organization. I can't be everywhere and there's so much that needs to be reset. I need someone who has a broader scope of church than just here. The church has a lot of great people, but they need visionary leadership to see their ministry potential.

     I need to expand their vision, but that's hard to do alone. The candidate who will be successful in this role will have a larger vision of what a church can be based on experience. They will be a “builder” not a “maintainer.” They will have the ability to “take the ball and run with it.” The ministry here needs a complete overhaul and will take time to turn. The biggest benefit to the current status of things is that it is very much a “blank slate” to work with.

     I believe deeply in the relational nature of staff pastors. I also see one of my primary roles to be in training and developing the staff. I have been in ministry 20 years. Most of my ministry career I have served as a children’s pastor. The last seven years, prior to coming to Calvary, I was an executive pastor at a large church with oversight of all the generational ministries. I believe in a team concept—we work together and succeed together.

     The church is a revitalization. We are financially healthy, but have an older congregation partially due to a prolonged lack of emphasis on young families. This position is the first step in overcoming the trend and shifting the church towards a more welcoming atmosphere for families with children/teens. There is strong support for the change, but lack of internal candidates to lead the change. Many of the future transitions that need to happen hinge upon having the right individual fill this position. A self-motivated entrepreneur will do well here.


About me:

      I have been here since March 1, 2017 and look to this position as a key role in beginning the necessary transition for Calvary Lighthouse to become the church God has called us to be. One of the most common questions I asked of pastors and churches when I was interviewing was “Where are you heading?” or “What does the future look like?” I’ll answer that up front—we are a church in transition.    

     One of the primary transitions we are making is in the focus of the church. We are focusing on becoming a church committed to reaching our community by being a part of the area. We don’t just want to be a church that expects people to come to us…we want be a good neighbor and participate in the life of the community. We are also making an intentional push to reach the next generation. That is why this positon is so vital to our church’s future. Our decision matrix is shifting to include a primary focus: “How does this connect with young families?” The desire to connect with young families is not just lip service—it is going to become one of the primary thrusts of Calvary Lighthouse.

     Additionally, we will become a ministry training center. In the next two years, we will launch a school of ministry in partnership with an accredited college to begin training the next generation of leaders. There is a mandate on our ministry to produce future leaders—we will fulfill that mandate.

     That’s a portion of what we are striving to become and who God is calling us to be.


Wait, but what about New Jersey:

     One of the best leadership lessons you will ever learn is to admit the obvious. So, here it is…very few people wake up in the morning and say, “Hey let’s move to New Jersey.” There are still some mornings I wake up and it feels surreal to be living in New Jersey. If all you know about New Jersey is from what is said on TV, then you probably don’t have the best impression of the garden state…after living here for nearly a year, I can tell you – New Jersey gets a bad rap!

     Northern Jersey is different than Jersey Shore. Where the church is located is near Jersey Shore…I have not seen any Guido’s – so I think the Jersey Shore TV show is off base. Whereas Northern Jersey is essentially a suburb of New York City, the shore is a diverse collection of communities with their own unique personality.

     New Jersey has 127 miles of beach front with some amazing boardwalks for the family. There are plenty of outdoor activities, cultural experiences to explore, and proximity to major cities. New York City is just 90 minutes from the church and Philadelphia is about the same. 25 minutes from the church, you can be at the beach or Six Flags. New Jersey deserves the title of Garden state—there are apple orchards, blueberry fields, and farms to experience throughout the seasons.

     Lakewood, NJ is a growing community with a strong Hispanic community and increasing number of orthodox Jews. If you look at the history of the area, you will see that Lakewood has had a heavy Jewish influence for many years. The influx of the Orthodox community has both positive and negative benefits. One of the positive aspects is the growth of the area brings in new businesses and more people to serve the needs of the community. One of the challenges about the Orthodox community is the perceived makeup of the Lakewood community. It is one of the reasons why Calvary Lighthouse will focus on being a regional church and not simply a Lakewood church.

     We are located at the northern part of Ocean County and southern border of Monmouth county. The surrounding cities of Howell, Jackson, Brick, Toms River, Asbury Park, Forked River, Wall and others are all commuter communities. People in New Jersey are used to driving places to get where they are going. We are located very close to the Garden State Parkway, which is a great benefit for becoming the regional church I believe God has called us to be. The diversity of the different cities really benefits individuals moving to the area. Jackson is more spread out, Brick is more densely populate—there is a community in the region that matches the kind of spot you are looking to live in. Here’s a link to the visitor brochure for Lakewood, NJ:     

     It is also worth mentioning that the New Jersey District is great district to be a part of. Due to the size and leadership—the district is very active and relational.


     Please send resume and videos of teaching to Pastor Spencer Click:


Applicants will also be asked to complete the following questionnaire:

 Please complete the following questionnaire and return it to Pastor Spencer at



Candidate Preliminary Questionnaire



  1. Share about your family. Married? Kids?
  2. Share about your call your call to ministry?
  3. Have you and your spouse discussed moving to a new area? Are both of you supportive of the move? Any questions about the area? 

Work Environment

  1. What are key elements you look for in a church/work environment?
  2. What are things a supervisor can do to help you be successful in a position?
  3. What are traits you look for in a supervisor/pastor?

Professional Experience

  1. Describe a time when you had to start something from scratch.
  2. Describe a time when you did what your superior wanted you to do even when you thought it was not the best thing to do or you flat out disagreed with it (presuming you were not asked to do something illegal or immoral).
  3. Describe how you have built teams and duplicated yourself in others.
  4. Tell me about a time when you were in conflict with a peer.  What was the conflict, did it resolve and if so, how?
  5. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with a superior.  What was the disagreement, did you communicate it with the superior and if so, how did it play out?
  6. Tell me about a time when you convinced yourself or others to do something and then during or after it determined you were wrong.  How did it play out?
  7. Tell me about a time when you just flat out made a mess of things.  Describe.
  8. Tell me about a time when you set out to do something and then had to make a mid-course correction. Describe.


Generational Ministry

  1. Who are key influencers for you in ministry? Youth Ministry? Children’s Ministry?
  2. What are your favorite curriculum or resources for Children’s and Youth Ministry?
  3. What are the primary elements of a successful children’s ministry?
  4. What are the primary elements of a successful youth ministry?